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Mary Todd Lincoln, the most criticized and misunderstood first lady, experienced more than her share of tragedy during her lifetime.

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InMary Todd Lincoln was an old woman living on a hill on the outskirts of Springfield, Illinois.

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When the fugitive John Wilkes Booth was killed by US troops 12 days after he shot the president inhe carried a diary. Tucked inside were photographs of five women.

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Horrified authorities ordered the pictures to be suppressed: One of ladies was the daughter of the American ambassador to Spain. But Professional dating services Mobile had left a string of broken hearts in his womanizing wake. His romances included famous co-stars, high-class prostitutes and ordinary fans. Lawrence Abel Regneryout now, brings to life nearly two dozen ladies who fell for the first presidential assassin.

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At the time, star performers traveled the theater circuit from fall through spring, spending a few weeks in each city to act with a local company of stock players. They frequently, but briefly, crossed paths with other stars.

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The pattern allowed actors like Booth to carry on stop-and-start affairs with multiple women. The violence sent female theatergoers into an ecstatic frenzy. Booth was the first celebrity on record to have the clothes torn off his body by crazed fans.

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Some went to extremes to make an impression. One, a Miss Becket of Richmond, Va. He made it into a stage wig that he wore for the rest of his life.

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Lucy Lambert Hale pledged herself, hair and all, to the dashing future killer. Hale boldly sent the actor a bouquet when she first saw him onstage in He gave her a ring; she gave him her carte de visite, a professionally printed photo used as a calling card. The Hales were about to free Vancouver sex stories for Spain with her father, just confirmed as US ambassador, when Booth shot President Lincoln and went on the run.

One was Helen Western.

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He nearly got himself killed in the process. Evidently, they dating a Manchester NH rican man tips a bed as well as a stage. Lucille, enraged that Booth chose her little sister over her, quit the act and never performed with Helen again. Booth moved on to Albany, where he hooked up with Henrietta Irving, 28, on tour with sister Marie. Henrietta followed with a dagger and attacked.

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He deflected her blow, which slashed his famous face. Then she stabbed herself. Irving survived, but it took sexy High Point dating two years to recover. Eventually, researchers discovered that his three remaining ladies were actresses who worked with Booth inhis most successful year. In the full-length picture of her that Booth carried, Brown struck a teasing smirk and a brazen pose that showed off her ample curves.

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Germon can be seen to this day inside the US Capitol dome: She was the model for a goddess who sits alongside George Washington in the great fresco by Constantino Brumidi. April 21, pm Updated June 15, pm.

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John Wilkes Booth Shutterstock. And then he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. Share This Article. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .