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Location of the island of Puerto Rico green. One of the consequences of the Spanish—American War was that Puerto Rico was annexed by the United States in accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Paris ofratified on December 10. When U. Olympian Tara Davis competes in the long jump competition this weekend at the Tokyo Olympicscheering her on from home will be her boyfriend, Hunter Woodhall.

When Woodhall, a hookup Erie PA Paralympic medalist sprinter, competes in the Tokyo Paralympics Greensboro NC dating guy month, the roles will be reversed.

Davis and Woodhall, both 22, are used to achieving great feats, but each being in the Olympics in the same year is remarkable even for them. They met in early at a meet in Idaho when both were seniors in high school -- Davis in California and Woodhall in Utah.

Randy Serrano remembers his house shaking as Hurricane Maria roared outside.

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The wind, near mph, pulled and pried at all of the doors and metal Pembroke bride dating shutters, like invisible thieves on all sides trying to break in.

By the storm's end, the roof was gone and Serrano slept on the floor, getting as close to ground level as possible to try to escape Puerto Rico's late September Caribbean heat and humidity without electricity for air conditioning. His mother, who lives in Bella Vista, didn't hear from him until more than a week later, when Serrano reached her by phone while driving on a highway on the hunt for elusive cellphone reception.

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By mid-October he was flying to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport with his dog, Rocky, tucked under the seat in front of him. Serrano is staying with his mom and her husband and doesn't plan to return to Puerto Rico for anything more than a visit.

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Power returned to his neighborhood only a few days ago. Serrano is among thousands of people who have left Puerto Rico in the more than days since Maria made landfall, according to reports from news outlets in Florida, New York and other areas with sizable Puerto Rican populations.

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Friends of Serrano have gone to Philadelphia and Florida. They are all U. It's a territory, a holdover from the American victory in the Spanish-American War more than a century ago.

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Several families have made their way to Northwest Arkansas, where a small Puerto Rican community has been growing for years. Housing authorities in Fayetteville and Springdale said earlier this month they had accepted about a dozen families for spots in public housing or for housing vouchers. The federal emergency declaration over much Fredericksburg online dating openers Puerto Rico means the families go to the front of the line for the housing support, which can have waiting lists months or years long.

Costa rican gymnast takes to knee in support of black lives matter at end of floor routine

Puerto Ricans have plenty of reasons to come. The death toll from Maria could be in the hundreds.

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Serrano recalled eating one meal a day and waiting hours in line at gas stations. The National Weather Service said Maria's eye hit about 30 miles south of his hometown, Rio Grande, where he worked as a resort security guard.

Al Lopez, a Puerto Rican musician and community liaison with Springdale Public Schools, said his mother told him her neighborhood has water and joked she prefers living with less technology around. On the other hand, she worries more about crime. These problems are only the newest among many.

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A recession, public debt and other issues have hamstrung the island's economy for years. Puerto Rico's governor said last week the public power company would be privatized after decades of mismanagement and corruption, according to The Associated Press.

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Serrano has come to a regional Puerto Rican community that's becoming more tight-knit, especially in response to the storm. Elizabeth Berumen in Little Rock started a Facebook several years ago for Puerto Ricans in Arkansas that now includes more than people, which she date out of your Topeka is about triple what it was before Maria. The Facebook group recently sent tens of thousands of pounds of food and supplies and is hoping to send more, she said.

People who went years without knowing other Puerto Ricans lived nearby are coming together.

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But Lopez, who has lived in this corner of the state for two decades, guessed the community was much larger, reaching into the thousands. Bringing family members here comes with other challenges. Torres-Sanchez, Serrano's mother, said her father and his wife are still on the island. He can't travel because of dementia, Torres-Sanchez said, and his wife won't leave without him.

Torres-Sanchez is concerned travel truth dating Clarksville TN women the island remains too unreliable to try to visit. Many of those who have made it here are settling in. Serrano hopes to get a job in airport security or as a police officer, or he might his brothers in Georgia. Lopez said he's talked with new students and their families to help them adjust to Springdale schools.

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He tries to build connections between Puerto Ricans and the much larger Hispanic population from Mexico and other countries. Immigrants can't vote until they become naturalized citizens, but Puerto Ricans can participate in all speed dating Chamblee when they move to the U.

Japaneses girl Arkansas rican dating guy especially for flirtbook Location of the island of Puerto Free chat Maryland now green. Online: White girl seeking Pennsylvania guy. Editor's picks Friends of Serrano have gone to Philadelphia and Florida.

Media outlets report sections of the main island are still without water or power. Costa rican gymnast takes to knee in support of black lives matter at end of floor routine On the other hand, she worries more about crime. Sponsor content Serrano has come to a regional Puerto Rican community that's becoming more tight-knit, especially in response to the storm. Social media Many of those who have made it here are settling in.

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Serrano had already planned to move to Northwest Arkansas.